Friday, 7 April 2017

Quin's Baby Woes - Chapter 6

It occurs to me I had this mini chapter chilling on my computer...Oops.

   Zara was pleased with her eggs but that could've been just sleep deprivation

   "You sure can eat, little one"

   Whatever peace Quintalyn had was ruined by Yulia

   "Yulia! No throwing your food. It's for eating, not throwing"

   Yulia was effectively pissed

   Quintlayn figured a bath was in order

   Quintalyn tried to call her next conquest, but Xavier had other plans

   Quintalyn chose...Bob?
"What's wrong with that?"
Well...the last time I tried that he wouldn't budge.
"That was back before I existed though. It'll be fine"
Sure, Quin. Sure

   It went as well as I thought

   "Well kids...It's time you aged up"



   It's about time you did that
"I was busy!"

   The children amused themselves while Quin had a nap

   "Oh Yulia. You'll be a child soon and I'm so happy about it"

   Gosh darnit, Xavier


   Quintalyn figured this was a good time to put the kids to bed

   Quin finally gets to sleep...for a little while

   It's the moment of truth...

   We went from..

Good show, us!

   Quintalyn took another shot at Bob

   Once again, it didn't work out and decided to play with Xena instead


   "Ugh. Why?"

   "Hey! Let's hold off on the babies until the twins are kids ok?"

   Lunchtime was going fine until...

   "Xavier! No throwing!"

   It's Yulia's birthday! Happy Day!

   This is Yulia, the rebel who's traits I forgot to write down. Oops

   Bonus Shots:
Yulia loves baths and is cute

   She also hasn't learned to not play in the toilet while mom is around

   How Xavier got this dirty is beyond me

   In other news, I downloaded bunk beds

   Storytime happened in the teen bedroom that night

   Quin tried her best to put them to bed but it was a no go situation


   So the twins' dad died. Huh

So this was longer than I thought it was. Cool
I've gone slightly insane and that's ok!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Quin's Baby Woes - Chapter 5

  Yulia still has nightmares but hates hugs

  She still accepts kisses though

"I'm sorry..."

  "If I wasn't pregnant, I wouldn't be having these problems"
Sure, Quin. Sure

  Zara is so traumatized. Poor child.

  It was when Quin was giving Zara a bath when she went into labour
"Well..this is inconvenient"

  The morning was a busy part of her day and labour pain would not interrupt the routine

   After much trial and error, Quintalyn eventually got the girls down for breakfast.

  Finally, after many problems, it's time

(I meant Baby # 3. Oops)


  The twins wasted no time

  Quintalyn figured it was just the shock of birth
"I'm sure they'll quiet down soon"
Sure Quin. Whatever you say

  Zara wandered in to see what all the fuss was about

  She got really sad about it

  During the peace, Quintalyn took some time to eat

  The girls were talking to each other and being cute.
Quintalyn couldn't handle it

  Before she knew it, Zara's birthday was upon them.
"This is going to be the best cake ever"

  Zara blew out her candles and Quintalyn was so proud
Everything would've been perfect except ARUN IS IN OUR HOUSE AGAIN

  Here's Zara

  Thankfully, Arun freaked the hell out and ran off

  Zara promptly sat herself in front of the computer and proceeded to practice her typing

  Quin was back to work!

  Zara and Yulia like to have chats.
It was cute

  The twins never give Quintalyn a break.
"Alright, now let Mommy sleep. Ok?"

  She was so happy to sleep. Poor woman

  That was until Zara found a monster under her bed

  Attempting to make friends with it didn't work.
Thus, there was only one thing to do

  Get Mom.


  "Mom! There's a monster under my bed!"

  "Mom! Hurry!"
"Alright, I'm coming"

  Al the chaos woke Yulia up.
"It's alright, dear"

  "Be gone, demon!"

  After putting Zara back to bed, Quin took the time to feed Yulia

  Well, she tried to


  Yulia woke up PISSED
This is what happens when you throw all your food to the floor but whatever

  "Mama, food"
"Don't throw it away this time, ok?'

  A nice family meal for once

  Quintalyn really needed some time to herself and watched some TV

  Eventually, her night time adventures caught up with her

  What do ya know, the twins are actually letting her sleep.
Thanks, guys

  Zara loves the computer and will not leave it unless she really has to
I think she might be me

  The fridge is finally getting fixed. Thank goodness

  "Mom, Can I have some new toys?"
"I have to wait for the next bill but we'll see, Zara"

  How could you, Zara?

  "These kids...I swear"

  "I'm so tired"
Go to bed then, crazy lady

Welp, never mind

  Sweet sleep.
'I'll call another man tomorrow'

  Bonus Shots:
Quin really loves Zara

  Three times...THREE TIMES YULIA

  We were visited by a vampire.

  In other news, Malcolm Landgraab went and married Katrina Caliente.
I'm sure Nancy is thrilled

Woo! What a ride!
Those twins though....demons.
I don't know what I did to deserve this hell.